[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting: Slow Performance with Excel MS Query
Posted by brad waddell on 12 March 2009 05:21 PM

Troubleshooting: Slow Performance with Excel MS Query

Problem Description

I am experiencing a huge delay when running a Query in the Excel MS Query versus running the same script in QODBC Support Wizard. QODBC Support Wizard will return the data in 2 seconds while running the query in MS Query running for over 10 minutes. I am running Optimizer. Is something not configured correctly?


MS Query builds queries a little bit differently than I would write them. Copy the SQL Statement from MS Query into QODBC Support Wizard and re-compare what's really going on. The actual query part should be the same, but passing data to Excel from MS Query would take additional time, depending on how much data is returned.

The best optimizer settings should be checking the "Optimize data after an Insert or Update" and "Dirty Reads" options. See also: How to set up QODBC Optimizer and where are the Optimizer options for more.


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