[QODBC-Desktop] How to use QODBC Support Wizard
Posted by Rajendra Dewani (QODBC Support) on 25 December 2017 07:57 AM

How to use QODBC Support Wizard

Problem Description:

How to use QODBC Support Wizard?


Please follow below-listed steps for using QODBC Support Wizard.

“QODBC Support Wizard” application is included with QODBC v18.0.0.325 and above. In case you are using an older version of QODBC, please upgrade your QODBC to the latest version. Click here to download the latest version of QODBC.

OR Click here to download “QODBC Support Wizard” 

Click on the “QODBC Support Wizard” icon from the Windows start menu.

“QODBC Support Wizard” is open, Click “Next”.

Follow the instruction on the wizard.

On the QODBC DSN Verification step, make sure it passes all the checks.

In case you see a warning icon as below. Please click the "FIX" button so the QODBC Support Wizard can automatically fix the issue.

Once QODBC Support Wizard has performed all check, please click "Next" button.

Now, Click the “Test Connection” button

On clicking “Test Connection” button, you will notice "Connecting to QuickBooks" as below.

When QODBC tries to access the company file for the first time, QuickBooks will ask you for permission to allow the driver to access your QuickBooks company file. Switch to the QuickBooks application & accept the certificate.


After accepting the Application Integration certificate, QODBC Support Wizard should be able to connect to QuickBooks and should report “Test connection successful”

Click “Next”, Select the default Option “Yes, I am able to connect to QuickBooks” and click “Next”

On the “Test your SQL statements” steps, you may test connectivity and the data fetch. Click one of the 5 buttons or write your SQL statement and click “Query”

Click “Next”, to navigate to Finish window.

Troubleshooting with QODBC Support Wizard:

In case you are not able to connect to QuickBooks, select “No, I am not able to connect to QuickBooks” and click “Next”.

From the FAQs and Knowledgebase, you may link one of more relevant topics or may search our knowledgebase using the search button.

In case if you are still facing the issue, Report the issue to us by creating a support ticket.

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Alex Usherenko
08 March 2018 03:21 PM
Is it possible to create Crystal Report with connection to QuickBooks if they are on difference machine. If I have just DSN file.

09 March 2018 12:13 PM
Hi Alex,

You can access QuickBooks Data remotely by installing QODBC on both machine (i.e. On QuickBooks application server & on your machine).

If your QuickBooks application is installed on another machine, then you can connect to QuickBooks from a remote machine using QRemote Server. You need to install QODBC on both machine.

Please refer below mentioned article for Accessing QuickBooks Data Remotely using QODBC &QRemote. (Video):

You need to run QRemote Server on QuickBooks machine & try to connect from your workstation using QRemote Client. QRemote Client should point to QuickBooks Server IP & Port.

Please refer below mentioned article for How to use QODBC with Crystal Reports:

If you are still the facing issue, Please raise a support ticket to the QODBC Technical Support department from below mentioned link & provide requested information:

We may need the following information, Please attach below listed files when replying to the ticket.
1) Screenshot of QODBC Setup Screen -- > About
2) Screenshot of the issue you’re facing.
Share Entire Log Files as an attachment in text format from
3) QODBC Setup Screen -- > Messages -- > Review QODBC Messages
4) QODBC Setup Screen -- > Messages -- > Review SDK Messages
Refer: How to take screenshot:
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