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[QODBC-Desktop] How can I find source of SP_Report
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 05 August 2014 01:06 PM

How can I find source of SP_Report

Problem Description 1:

Is there a way to see the SQL that QuickBooks uses to generate their reports?
Also, Which tool do they use to generate reports?

Problem Description 2:

I need to access information that is used in the QuickBooks audit trail report. Do you have the table name, the field names, and where the table is located?

Problem Description 3:

Do we have access to see the code in the QODBC Stored Procedures?

Problem Description 4:

How can I know the table and field names used in the report Trial Balance? For example, sp_report TrialBalance show Debit_Title, Credit_Title, Label, Debit, Credit parameters DateMacro = 'LastMonth' I want to run my own SQL in MS Access, not just sp_reports. For the future, what reference can I use to connect the QB List and Transaction tables to the standard SQL SELECT and FROM statements?


QuickBooks SDK does provide output of the report but does not provide information on how those data are derived or which tables are used in those reports.
QuickBooks SDK does not expose information regarding how the report is built, what are the tables used or logic part and thus it is not available in QODBC.
All QODBC do is the request for the Report information from QuickBooks SDK and QuickBooks is the one processing it and sending the output. QODBC formats that output to data table format.

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