[QODBC-Desktop] First Time Optimizer Runs "Waiting on QuickBooks" for a long time
Posted by Juliet (QODBC Support) on 31 August 2010 06:38 AM

Troubleshooting: First Time Optimizer Runs "Waiting on QuickBooks" for a long time

Problem Description

     I am using QODBC with RDS server. I have 1 workstation that runs the optimizer and queries just fine. I installed QODBC on a second with the exact same settings. I pressed the Load Updated Data button after installation to run the optimizer. It gets the transaction table and I get the message "Waiting on QuickBooks". I have had the message for hours. I install QODBC on a 3rd workstation with the exact settings and this time I ran the QODBCFUL program. It runs for a while and I then get the Waiting on QuickBooks message again. I go back to the first computer and run QODBCUPD and there is no problem optimizing.

     And I also ran the "select * from transaction VERIFY" query from the vb demo to rebuild the corrupted optimized Transaction table. It goes through optimizing the transaction table with the status window saying transaction optimizing table. It ran about 20 minutes then a 2nd status box showed up. It says transaction waiting on QuickBooks. That has been up for over 10 minutes now.


     This can take hours on a huge company file. The Waiting on QuickBooks is how long it takes QuickBooks to create the recordset (Not even sending QODBC data yet).
The other pauses are QuickBooks converting 500 records into XML at a time.
     One other option to get similar data is sp_report CustomTxnDetail report output.

     See also: How to setup QODBC Optimizer and where are the Optimizer options

           How to switch OFF or RESET the QODBC Optimizer


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