[QODBC-Desktop] How to write Deposits using QODBC
Posted by brad waddell on 12 March 2009 05:21 PM

Two Examples of Writing Deposits


Note: Deposit inserts are done only to the DepositLine table. The Deposit table is a header table that cannot be inserted without cached DepositLine transactions.

Troubleshooting Note

     If you encounter the error below:

     [QODBC] Error: 3180 – There was an error when saving a deposit line. QuickBooks error message: The Payment has been changed. (#10053).

     Switch your company file to Single User Mode. This is a "confirmed by Intuit" bug in QuickBooks 2004 through 2006 and only occurs when you try to do a deposit with the company file in multi-user mode.

     Below are two examples.


Locate the Payment TxnID

      The first step is to locate the payment TxnID made to undeposited funds. To do this, you run the following query in QODBC Test Tool:

      SELECT TxnID, CustomerRefFullName, RefNumber, Amount FROM ReceivePaymentToDeposit

 QODBC Support Wizard is used only to test QODBC SQL queries and is not a development tool.


Confirm the Exact Name of the Bank Account

      The second step is to confirm the exact name of the Bank Account you want to deposit the payment. To do this, you run the following query in QODBC Test Tool:

      SELECT ListID, Name FROM Account where Name = 'Company Savings Account'

Receive payment made to Undeposited Funds

     You're ready to receive the payment made to undeposited funds using the TxnID and Bank Account Name found above. To do this, you run the following query in QODBC Test Tool:

     INSERT INTO DepositLine (DepositLinePaymentTxnID, DepositToAccountRefFullName,TxnDate,FQSaveToCache)
    Values ('8BFF-1481801824','Company Savings Account',{d'2021-12-20'},0)

     You will receive the "Executed Successfully" message if your above input details are correct.


Query in QODBC Test Tool 

     INSERT INTO DepositLine (DepositLineAccountRefFullName,DepositLineAmount,DepositLineCheckNumber,
     Values ('Interest Income',2000,'PANDA4567','2V:Panda Industries','Panda

Table Schema Rules for DepositLine

Note: Use the columns stored procedure in QODBC Test Tool to get the EXACT table schema rules for the QuickBooks Company file you have open. The last few columns have Queryable, Updateable, Insertable, and Required_On_Insert i.e.

     sp_columns DepositLine


     Multi-line inserts require a series of SQL statements to complete a single deposit. The key to this process is the field named "FQSaveToCache". This field is not part of the table but is used as a flag to the QODBC driver to cache the inserts until you're ready to commit all the inserts. The value of "FQSaveToCache" is set to 1 or TRUE for the insert SQL statements for the first lines in the deposit, and then it is set to 0 or FALSE for the final SQL statement, the last line of your multi-line deposit.

     The 0 or False "FQSaveToCache" value tells QODBC to write all the SQL inserts as multiple lines for the one deposit (header row record).



Locate List IDs

     To deposit cash, you must locate the List IDs for your posting. For example:

     3C0000-1106175506 is GL Bank Account List ID
     3E0000-1130003331 is AR Account List ID

Insert Statement

     INSERT INTO "DepositLine" ("TxnDate", "DepositToAccountRefListID", "Memo", "DepositLineAccountRefListID", "DepositLineAmount") VALUES ({d'2021-10-27'}, '3C0000-1106175506', 'POS Cash Deposit', '3E0000-1130003331', 5.50)

Note: Never use DepositTotal, always use DepositLineAmount.

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Neil McAllister
11 April 2016 07:40 PM
So then how do you post a refund amount? An error comes up same a depositLine amount may not be negative. fkg6nsy
12 April 2016 06:52 AM

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