[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - No data returned - Unable to execute - InventoryStockStatusByItem
Posted by Rajendra Dewani (QODBC Support) on 13 April 2023 11:47 AM

[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - No data returned - Unable to execute - InventoryStockStatusByItem   

Problem Description

Upon pulling QuickBooks data into Microsoft Access, I didn’t see any values (all blank) in the QuantityonOrder field of either the Item or ItemInventory tables from Quickbooks.

Sp_report InventoryStockStatusByItem show QuantityOnOrder
Sp_report PurchaseByItemDetail

And I’ve attached a screenshot of my results for both – each showing 0 results.

I am using QuickBooks 2023.




QuickBooks SDK Logs

20230411.111122 I 30056 SpecVersion Current version of qbXML in use: 16.0
20230411.111122 I 30056 QBSDKMsgSetHandler QUERY: General Summary Report
20230411.111140 E 30056 ReportHandler::BuildTheRetObject Unable to convert column desc for column 2 since it has value 210
20230411.111140 E 30056 ReportHandler::BuildTheRetObject Unable to set the column description HRESULT=0x80004005
20230411.111140 I 30056 QBSDKMsgSetHandler Request 1 completed successfully.


Response from QuickBooks SDK

<GeneralSummaryReportQueryRs requestID="1" statusCode="510" statusSeverity="Warn" statusMessage="Unable to return object." />


I have tried QuickBooks Verify & Rebuild the company file, but that did not resolve the issue.



We have reported the issue to Intuit. Case 00129682:Unable to convert column desc for column 2 since

The issue is a bug in QuickBooks SDK - QuickBooks 2023.

Affected reports -  InventoryStockStatusByItem, InventoryStockStatusByVendor & InventoryValuationDetail

On May 26, 2023  - Intuit Team resolved the reported issue and released the fix of the issue.

Please update your QuickBooks to the latest release to fix the issue.



Apr 18, 2023 & Apr 10, 2023 - Intuit Developer Support - "We didn't created a bug for this issue, this is a known issue. we are working on it."

"To unblock the customer as a workaround, we can disable the categories from the preferences and continue

To locate the categories feature  go to, edit->preferences->items&inventory-> Company Preferences-> under categorize items group box uncheck "Activate categories".impact of disabling this feature: Customer will go back to their items not being categorised as before

Turning off the Categories feature from the preferences will not have any impact on the ability to connect to the database to read inventory or any items. They will lose the ability to use the feature benefits till the fix is live.

Note: Customers have an option to turn on/off Categories as per their requirements, it’s not mandatory."


Intuit Case ID: 00129682

May 26, 2023  - Intuit Developer Support - "The fix is live, you can use the stock status report with categories."



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