[QXL-ALL] How to export to Sybase
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 11 May 2018 01:32 PM

How to export to Sybase

Problem Description:

You can export QuickBooks Data to Sybase using QXL. You can export QuickBooks Data to Sybase using QXL. You can export QuickBooks Data to Sybase using QXL. You can export QuickBooks Data to Sybase using QXL. You can export QuickBooks Data to Sybase using QXL. I am using QXL & I want to export QuickBooks Data to Sybase.

How can I export QuickBooks Data to Sybase using QXL?



First, You need to create the database in Sybase for storing QuickBooks Data. You need to use Interactive SQL & execute the below query to create the database.

create database dbname on default ="1G"

For Example:

create database QXL on default ="1G"

Note: default ="1G" will set the database size to 1GB. You need to create a bigger database if your company file contains more data.

The database is created in Sybase.

By default, the Sybase database does not allow null values in database fields.

There is some field value that could be null during export. So, We need to change this property. We can modify it by using the below query.

sp_dboption <database_name>,
"allow nulls by default," true

For Example:

sp_dboption QXL,
"allow nulls by default," true.

Note: You need to execute the above query in the Master database.

The query is executed. Now, You are ready to export QuickBooks data in Sybase.

After that, You need to create ODBC DSN for Sybase, which will point to the Sybase Database.

I have already created ODBC DSN for Sybase below the property of the DSN. We will test the connection of Sybase DSN by providing Sybase database information & clicking the "Test" button.

Sybase ODBC DSN test connection successful. We will use this DSN in QXL.

The first step in adding an ODBC connection is to click on the settings icon for QXL options details.

Navigate to "Pro Edition" & click the "Add New" button to add the New Connection.


Enter connection details (i.e., Connection Name, Connection String), select "ODBC Data Source" as a Connection Type & "Sybase" as a Mapping Type, and click the "Test Connection" button.

You can insert any value for the Connection Name.

Sample ODBC Connection String Format: DSN = Data Source Name;Port=PortNo;Database=DBName;User Id=Uid;Pwd=pwd;

For Example: DSN=QXL_SYBASE;Port=5000;Database=QXL;User Id=sa;Pwd=css@123#;

Test Connection Successful.

Click the "Save" button to save connection details.

Connection information updated.

The connection is added to the dropdown list.

Navigate to the "General" tab & select "SQL Server / ODBC Data Source (QXL Pro Edition)" as a Format & click "Close."

Now data is ready to export into Sybase. You can export by clicking on the Export icon from QXL Setup Screen.

QuickBooks Data is exported to the Sybase. You can verify it using the below query.

Select * from sysobjects where type="U"


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