[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - Where Item Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers are stored
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 04 December 2017 07:14 AM

Troubleshooting - Where Item Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers are stored

Problem Description:

I'm having trouble finding where an Item's serial numbers are stored in the QuickBooks database. I have gone through your table schema online here, but I cannot find where the serial numbers for a given inventory item are stored.

Can you please advise?


You can find SerialNumber or LotNumber from the Transaction module you have assigned.

For Example, if You have assigned SerialNumber or LotNumber in the Invoice, then you need to refer InvoiceLine table.

Below is the list of table & column which contains the serial number.

SerialNumber Details:

Table NameColumn Name
BillItemLine ItemLineSerialNumber
BuildAssembly SerialNumber
BuildAssemblyComponentItemLine SerialNumber
CheckItemLine ItemLineSerialNumber
CreditMemoLine CreditMemoLineSerialNumber
CreditCardChargeItemLine ItemLineSerialNumber
CreditCardCreditItemLine ItemLineSerialNumber
InventoryAdjustmentLine InventoryAdjustmentLineQuantityAdjustmentSerialNumber
InventoryAdjustmentLine InventoryAdjustmentLineSerialNumber
InvoiceLine InvoiceLineSerialNumber
ItemFixedAsset SerialNumber
ItemReceiptItemLine ItemLineSerialNumber
SalesOrderLine SalesOrderLineSerialNumber
SalesReceiptLine SalesReceiptLineSerialNumber
TransferInventoryLine TransferInventoryLineSerialNumber

LotNumber Details:

Table NameColumn Name
BillItemLine ItemLineLotNumber
BuildAssembly LotNumber
BuildAssemblyComponentItemLine LotNumber
CheckItemLine ItemLineLotNumber
CreditMemoLine CreditMemoLineLotNumber
CreditCardChargeItemLine ItemLineLotNumber
CreditCardCreditItemLine ItemLineLotNumber
InventoryAdjustmentLine InventoryAdjustmentLineQuantityAdjustmentLotNumber
InventoryAdjustmentLine InventoryAdjustmentLineLotNumber
InvoiceLine InvoiceLineLotNumber
ItemReceiptItemLine ItemLineLotNumber
SalesOrderLine SalesOrderLineLotNumber
SalesReceiptLine SalesReceiptLineLotNumber
TransferInventoryLine TransferInventoryLineLotNumber


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