[QODBC-Desktop] QuickBooks SDK 5.0 for U.S. Editions of QuickBooks 2006
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 02 November 2017 02:02 PM

QuickBooks SDK 5.0 for U.S. Editions of QuickBooks 2006

As of Date: 2006-07-13

QuickBooks SDK 5.0 Feature List  

QuickBooks SDK 5.0, available to IDN members for download, includes a number of new features requested by IDN member developers. Of course, QBSDK 4.0 also supports all features of our previous versions of the QuickBooks SDK, so software built using QBSDK 4.0 or earlier can be easily migrated to QBSDK 5.0.

Integration with Additional QuickBooks Products

QuickBooks SDK 5.0 can be used to develop software that integrates with any or all of a long list of QuickBooks products, including the following, which is new for QBSDK 5.0:

QuickBooks SDK 5.0 includes the following new features (unless otherwise noted, features unique to QBSDK 5.0 can be used only with U.S. editions of QuickBooks 2006* and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0*):   

Credit Card Transactions 

  • Support for credit card refunds (ARRefundCreditCard Add/Query)
  • Support for credit card payment data in SalesReceiptAdd and ReceivePaymentAdd requests (using QuickBooks 2005 R5 and later)

Performance Improvements (additional info available)

  • New iterator functionality for queries that makes it easy to walk through large amounts of returned query data in “chunk” sizes that you specify.
  • Enable significantly improved performance when adding custom fields online items using InvoiceAddRq.
  • Improved filtering on RefNum.

Additional Data Access

  • Support for BuildAssembly: BuildAssemblyAdd/Mod/Query
  • Ability to modify sales receipts: SalesReceiptMod
  • Ability to specify which QuickBooks editions your application supports using a new QBAuthPreferences method (PutAuthFlags).

Support for Web-Based Applications

  • The QuickBooks Web Connector provides a simplified mechanism for web server-based applications to communicate with QuickBooks via the QuickBooks SDK. This mechanism can be used with any version of QuickBooks that supports the QBSDK. (It can also work with QuickBooks POS via the QBPOS SDK.)

Events and Time Modified Support for Custom Fields and Private Data Extensions

  • Events are generated for custom fields and private data extensions. Notice that data written to the custom field (via UI or SDK) or personal data extensions cause the Time Modified value for the parent object to be updated. (for more information, click here)

Improved Documentation

  • The QuickBooks SDK Documentation Suite has been significantly improved with QBSDK 5.0.

* Notes on QuickBooks 2006 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0 :

With the release of QuickBooks 2006 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0, the file-based structure used for the company file in earlier versions of QuickBooks has been replaced with an industry-standard database. This is expected to enable future enhancements regarding storage, performance, and improved multi-user interactions. The QuickBooks SDK will continue to provide the only programmatic interface to QuickBooks; integrated applications written using the QuickBooks SDK will not need to change. 

The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0 product includes a QODBC Driver for QuickBooks; this will enable read-only access to the QuickBooks data using standard SQL queries, which QODBC converts to QuickBooks SDK queries.



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