[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - How can I add line to an existing Check
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 02 November 2017 01:17 PM

Troubleshooting - How can I add a line to an existing Check

Problem Description:

Is it possible to add a line to a check that already exists?

Here is an example from the QB Sample file. Below is a check for $500.00

Now I want to add additional items to the check, so the check now looks like this:

I said $200.00, and now the total is $700.00.

How do I do this in QODBC?

I know how to make a check with multiple lines using FQSaveToCache, but here I want to add a line to a statement that already exists.


You need to add the field TxnID into the insert query. The field "TxnID" is available in the insert query only when the TxnID value points to an existing entity in QuickBooks.

The transaction was found by executing the below query:-

Here is an example of adding one line item to an existing Check, "2432F-1639575481," in our test company file.

For Adding Expense Line in existing check:

INSERT INTO CheckExpenseLine (TxnID, ExpenseLineAccountRefListID, ExpenseLineAmount, ExpenseLineMemo, ExpenseLineCustomerRefListID, ExpenseLineBillableStatus) VALUES ('2432F-1639575481', '3C0000-933270542', 200.00, 'Add 2nd line to check using QODBC', '800000B0-1197755238', 'Billable')

For Adding Item Line in existing check:

INSERT INTO CheckItemLine (TxnID, AccountRefListID, PayeeEntityRefListID, ItemLineItemRefListID, ItemLineDesc, ItemLineCost, ItemLineAmount, ItemLineCustomerRefListID, ItemLineBillableStatus) VALUES ('2432F-1639575481', '20000-933270541', '630000-1071521572', '3C0000-1071513137', 'Building permit,' 100.00, 100.00, '250000-933272658', 'Billable')

Please notice that all values in the query come from our test company file. Please replace them using your value when running it on your end. You can add other line item columns to this query according to your request.

Note: The FQSaveToCache does support existing Check query.

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