[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - Who Created an Invoice/SalesOrder
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 18 August 2017 01:03 PM

Troubleshooting - Who Created an Invoice/SalesOrder

Problem Description:

We don't have an operational problem, just a SQL/technical question -- we are currently pulling invoices like this:

SELECT * FROM Invoice WHERE RefNumber ='221206' (works great)

But it does NOT tell which QuickBooks user CREATED/ENTERED the Invoice/SalesOrder. (We do NOT use Sales Reps, we want to know the actual user that typed in the order).

Where can we find this information? Can I use the TxnID from the Invoice or SalesLine in another table to determine who entered that Invoice or line item?


QODBC is an ODBC driver for QuickBooks. It uses the QuickBooks SDK to communicate with QuickBooks, which means if Intuit doesn't expose one feature to the application in SDK, QODBC could not do it either.

I'm sorry to inform you that the QuickBooks user details who Created/Entered the Invoice/SalesOrder are unavailable through the Intuit SDK, so they are not available through QODBC.

As a workaround, you can create the custom field with the name (QBUser) in the customer center & you can use it on Invoice/SalesOrder. You need to make the custom field in customer & define this field in the Invoice template.

Once you define the custom field in Invoice/SalesOrder, You can store QBUser details on the custom field, which is also available in QODBC Invoice/InvoiceLine table with the name CustomField+(Field name you created). If you made the custom field with the QBUser in QODBC, you could find the column "CustomFieldQBUser."

You can get the custom field in QODBC after defining custom fields in QuickBooks.

Note: You need to Disconnect the connection between QODBC & QuickBooks and Reconnect to get Custom Field. Custom Field will display in QODBC after resetting the connection.


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