[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - Getting incomplete data when running ProfitAndLossBudgetVsActual report
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 19 August 2016 12:58 PM

Troubleshooting - Getting incomplete data when running ProfitAndLossBudgetVsActual report

Problem Description:

Good Day To You. Using This Sp_report And Having Some Problem With The Column Layout. Command Text Is As Follows: Sp_report Profitandlossbudgetvsactual Show Accountname, Accountnumber, Amount, Budget Parameters Fiscalyear=2015, Classfilterfullnames ='health Center', 'administrative'

I'm Getting 12 Columns As One Would Expect, But The 12th Column Is The Sum Of Previous 11 Columns, Not The 12th Month. This Is True For Both The Amount And Budget Segments. Also, The Budget Amount For The 11th Month Is Exactly One Half Of The Actual Budgeted Amount. I Have Run The Actual Report And The Totals For Each Month Are Correct For Both Amount And Budget Until The Last Two Months In The Sp_report.

Also, if I replace the FiscalYear=2015, with DateMacro=’ThisYear’ I get this

Any Assistance Is Appreciated. 


Please make sure that you are passing the same parameter in report query which you have passed in QuickBooks UI.

Also, For budget report FiscalYear parameter is required without it report will not execute. So you need to keep FiscalYear parameter & add other date parameters.

For Example:

sp_report ProfitAndLossBudgetVsActual show Amount_Title, Budget_Title, Difference_Title, Percent_Title, Text, Label, Amount, Budget, Difference, Percent parameters FiscalYear = 2015,DateFrom={d'2015-10-01'},DateTo={d'2016-09-30'}, BudgetCriterion = 'Accounts', SummarizeBudgetColumnsBy = 'Date', SummarizeBudgetRowsBy = 'Account'

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