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[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - Upgrading to QuickBooks and QODBC
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 30 March 2016 02:12 PM

Troubleshooting - Upgrading to QuickBooks and QODBC

Problem Description:

I have a custom program written in Access 2003 communicating with QuickBooks 2013 using QODBC 13, which works fine. Will upgrade to the latest QuickBooks and QODBC require any code changes to the Access 2003 program?

Problem Description:

We are upgrading from QuickBooks Pro 2011 to QuickBooks Enterprise (the latest) and need a developer/consultant to assist in checking/upgrading queries and code to work with the new versions of QODBC/QB. Our company uses the QODBC Driver for QuickBooks to synchronize data between our Microsoft Access database and QuickBooks. We push customers, jobs, cheques, and items from Access to QB and pull data from QB to Access for reports.  


It is unlikely that you will have a problem as QODBC is upward compatible with QuickBooks, so the same queries you have running now should continue to work.

Suggest you purchase the latest version of QODBC, which supports the newest version of QuickBooks, then run some tests. If you have any trouble with connections, please refer to the following:

Connecting QODBC Driver to QuickBooks for the First Time (Video)
How to Use QODBC with Microsoft Access 2010 to Build Linked Table(32-Bit)
How to Configure QODBC to Work With 64-bit MS Access

Or Raise a Support Ticket

There shall be no code change required in your MS-Access Application/Queries, and it should be able to work with Latest QuickBooks & QODBC.

Additional Information:
With every release of QuickBooks/QODBC, new fields or features might be added. If you want to leverage the new areas, you will have to re-linking the tables in Access. Refer: How to Re-Link QuickBooks Data in MS Access using QODBC

Please refer below to the link to get details about the updated QODBC table & report schema and the relation between tables. You will also get information on each report column parameters which are supported. You can also view all table/column details.

Please refer to QODBC Data Layout for more details.

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