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[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - QRemote does not work with IIS
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 08 October 2015 09:11 AM

Troubleshooting - QRemote does not work with IIS

Problem Description:

We’ve been having steady success with QODBC for a good while. We’re running QB on a VM and our custom application that queries it on another VM; both VMs are Server 2012.

All was well with our integration until I changed, by necessity, the setting for Enable 32-bit Applications. Once I made it True, the integration through QRemote did not work. QODBC Test Tool still works on the client just fine. It is a 32-bit app. I’m confused as to why our custom application worked fine when 32-bit was False but not when 32-bit was True. I would have figured it was the other way around.

I looked at several articles on configuring QODBC to work with 64-bit applications, but that’s not exactly what we’re doing here. What is the most straightforward remedy to get our application with Enable 32-bit = True to work with the QRemote Server? I know the server is set up fine, as QODBC Test Tool on the client works fine.


I guess you are using IIS.

When you set Enable 32-bit Applications = True, your IIS app pool runs as 32-bit.

You need to change the connection string to "QuickBooks Data QRemote."

When Enable 32-bit Applications = False, it will run as 64-bit.

You need to use the connection string as "QuickBooks Data 64-bit QRemote."

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