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[QODBC-Online] Configure QODBC Online for use with Jitterbit Community Edition 3.0.0 (QRemote)
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 20 August 2015 10:58 AM

Configure QODBC Online for use with Jitterbit Community Edition 3.0.0 (QRemote)

To use QODBC Online with Jitterbit community edition 3.0.0, you should follow the steps below to configure your QODBC Online driver and Jitterbit connection. These steps work for QODBC with Jitterbit 3.0.0 on 32-bit Windows 7. Other platforms have not been tested.

First, you need to configure QRemote. To configure QRemote, please follow the below steps:

QRemote has two components "QRemote Client Driver for QODBC Online" and "QRemote Server for QODBC Online." 

QRemote Client Driver: Allows 64-bit Applications to connect to QRemote Server and sends the Request to QRemote Server for Processing.  

QRemote Server: Processes requested instruction from QRemote Client to QuickBooks using QODBC Online DSN Driver.  

Start "QRemote Server for QODBC Online" from the start menu. ( If QRemoteServer is not running ) 

Double-click the QRemote Server icon from the system tray

QRemote Server Main screen shows the IP address and Port allowing the QRemote Client to connect.

Note the IP address and Port number listed on the QRemote Server "Event Logs window."

Create a new DSN entry/or configure the existing one

Navigate to Start Menu, QODBC Drivers for Use with QuickBooks Online, and click

Configure QODBC Online Data Source


"QuickBooks Online Data QRemote" is the default DSN created when installing QODBC.


Configure the DSN and provide the IP address and Port as listed under "QRemote Server."

Under the QRemote for QuickBooks Online– Client  DSN configuration screen, Please fill in the following information. 

  • Data Source Name: Name of your DSN entry 
  • Server: IP address displayed on QRemote Server 
  • Port: Port displayed on QRemote Server 
  • Encryption Key: Keep default key "QODBC#QRemote$1" (In case you want to use encrypted data transfer between QRemote client and QRemoteServer, You can configure your encryption key on QRemoteServer and use the same on QRemote Client DSN) 
  • Remote DSN: select the QODBC Online DSN "QuickBooks Online Data" from the list. ( Make sure QRemote Server is running) 

After configuring QODBC, you need to configure Jitterbit. To configure Jitterbit, please follow the below steps:

1. Start the Jitterbit client

2. Right-click Sources and create a New Source


3. Type QB ONLINE in the Name field

4. Select the Database for the type

5. Click Options

6. Ensure the box marked "Construct connection string manually" has a tick in it

7. Enter DSN=QuickBooks Online Data QRemote into the field adjacent to the checkbox.

8. Click the Save icon.


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