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[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - Unable to find table QBAdvancedReportGroup.
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 10 November 2014 02:27 PM

Troubleshooting - Unable to find table QBAdvancedReportGroup.

Problem Description 1:

1. I'm attempting to utilize your ODBC driver for reporting through Excel from QuickBooks Enterprise. The tables in your report help guide aren't accessible to me and appear as part of the QBAdvancedReportGroup. An example is a v_account view. I couldn't find any other place to get a list of the chart of accounts. Is it possible to obtain permission to be part of that group? I have added every privilege to the ODBC setup in the application but did not see that group as an option.

Also, when opening QODBC Test Tool, I cannot use the sp_report procedure - I get the message "procedure: sp_report not found." Is that something related to the privileges? How can I get access to that procedure as outlined in your documentation?

2. I have a customer using QB Enterprise, and they are using the built-in ODBC in conjunction with MS Query and Excel to create a refreshable report.

Whenever they close & reopen QuickBooks, the query no longer works. This is because the DATABASE NAME in the "Connect to SQL Anywhere" screen changes each time QB is closed & reopened.

3. I have set up a connection from Access to QB. However, I can only open tables in the QBReportAdminGroup, not those in the QBAdminGroup. I get the following error:

ODBC--call failed

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Permission denied: you do not have permission to select from "v_sales_receipt_sn_list" (#-121).

The ODBC user I created has all groups assigned to it.

Also, I do not have permission to update the tables I do have access to, i.e., "QBReportAdminGroup_v_lst_item," view data.

Please advise how to resolve these problems.

Problem Description 2:

I am connected to QODC. When I run QODBC Test Tool, it gives me an error [Sybase][ODBC driver]SQL Anywhere] Invalid user ID or password.

I'm entering the QB administrator user ID and administrator password. Other users and passwords also don't work.


You're using Intuit Custom Reporting for QuickBooks Enterprise and Not QODBC. I kindly request you remove any connection you use with Sybase SQL Anywhere and use QODBC.

It would be best if you connected to "QuickBooks Data" DSN (from system/machine DSN), not to any file DSN ( Do not try connecting to File DSN, which is next to your company file with the name COMPANYFILENAME.dsn). Please refer to the below articles for how to use QODBC:

Connecting QODBC Driver to QuickBooks for the First Time (Video)

Please note: you need to select "QuickBooks Data" (if the application is 32-bit) or "QuickBooks Data-64-bit QRemote" (if the application is 64-bit) when you choose a data source instead of selecting another data source.


QBReportAdminGroup_v_txn_bill_line, v_lst_time_activity,v_lst,v_cf, v_txn_sales_receipt_line.transaction_date, v_lst_item.description,,, v_cf_item.field, v_txn_sales_receipt_line.item_id, v_txn_sales_receipt_line.unit_price_amt, v_txn_sales_receipt_line.amount_amt, v_txn_sales_receipt_line.quantity_qnty, v_txn_sales_receipt_line.doc_num_h, v_txn_sales_receipt_line.customer_id, v_lst_ship_to.state, v_lst_ship_to.postal_code,QBReportAdminGroup.v_cf_item v_cf_item, QBReportAdminGroup.v_lst_item v_lst_item, QBReportAdminGroup.v_lst_ship_to v_lst_ship_to, QBReportAdminGroup.v_txn_sales_receipt_line v_txn_sales_receipt_line, qbreportadmingroup_v_lst_account


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