[QODBC-Desktop] How can I find Check Register/Checkbook using QODBC
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 05 August 2014 11:53 AM

How can I find Check Register/Checkbook using QODBC

Problem Description:

I am trying to pull all the data in the "Check Register" section of QuickBooks Enterprise 14 into my Excel spreadsheet. Can you help me find this table via QODBC? (What is the name of the table or a table that contains this modules' data?)


You can find "check" related entries from Tables Check, CheckItemLine, CheckExpenseLine, CheckApplyCheckToTxn table. Also, you can get check details by executing:

sp_report CheckDetail show TxnType_Title, RefNumber_Title, Date_Title, Name_Title, Item_Title, Account_Title, PaidAmount_Title, OriginalAmount_Title, TxnType, RefNumber, Date, Name, Item, Account, PaidAmount, OriginalAmount parameters DateMacro = 'ThisMonthToDate'

[Note: (where ClearedStatus = 0) for uncleared Cheques ]

Please refer below mentioned the article. You can get detailed information about how to execute sp_report in QODBC:

How to use the QuickBooks Reporting Engine with QODBC

If you are looking for QuickBooks UI >> Banking >> Use Register window, then I would like to inform you that Use Register field is not available through the Intuit QuickBooks SDK and thus, this information is not available through QODBC.

QODBC is an ODBC driver for QuickBooks. It uses the QuickBooks SDK to communicate with QuickBooks, which means if Intuit doesn’t expose one feature to the application in SDK, QODBC could not do it either.

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