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[QODBC-Desktop] QODBC with QRemote Licensing Information
Posted by Rajendra Dewani (QODBC Support) on 24 April 2014 03:44 PM

QODBC with QRemote Licensing Information 

Also Refer: QODBC Licensing Information

There are different types of License required depends on your requirement in QODBC, Please refer detailed information of QODBC Licensing as below.

1) QODBC Read Only Diagram:



2) QODBC Read Write Diagram:



3) QODBC Server/Terminal Edition - Service Base Application Diagram:



4)QODBC Server/Terminal Edition - Service Base Application Diagram - Without Client:



5) QODBC Server/Terminal Edition - Service Base Application Diagram (Web Server):



6) QODBC Server/Terminal Edition - Service Base Application Diagram (Web Server All Component in Single Machine):



7) QODBC Server/Terminal Edition - Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp Server Diagram: Diagrams/QODBC Server Edition - Citrix.png


8) QODBC Server/Terminal Edition - Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop Services Diagram: Diagrams/QODBC Server Edition - Windows Server.png

FAQ on QODBC with QRemote License


I have a cloud application running on windows server 2012 that cannot connect to the QuickBooks local data file on a redirected drive. My application successfully connects when running on the desktop and uses QBFC QuickBooks integration to create invoices and post payments to the QuickBooks file located on the local server. However, even though I map to the local workstation drive I cannot open the session with my application when it is running on the cloud server.
Will this product when installed on my cloud server allow my server installed (ImagineTime) application to integrate with local workstation QuickBooks data file using QBFC?


If your cloud server has Fixed IP address then you can connect to your local QuickBooks data file using QODBC (QRemote Server). You can map your IP Address to the domain name, not a problem, but you cannot use Domain Name on QRemote. It has to be IP Address.
If your QuickBooks application is on another machine & Cloud app is on other & you want to fetch data remotely then you need to license.
1) Cloud app Machine: QODBC Server edition license.
2) QuickBooks Machine: QODBC Desktop (QRemote License)

Example: Accessing QuickBooks Data Remotely using QODBC & QRemote. (Video)

Please contact our sales team for more details on pricing.



Our needs closely match the terminal server diagram. So to be clear on the terminal server machine running SQL server but NOT running QuickBooks, I would need to purchase *QODBC Server Edition Read Write Driver* for QuickBooks at $499 licenses. Correct?

What do I need to purchase on the machine running QuickBooks? Do I need to purchase the same for it as well?


As your QuickBooks application is on another machine & SQL is on other & you want to fetch data remotely then you need two licenses.
1) SQL Machine: QODBC Server Edition License.
2) QuickBooks Machine: QODBC Desktop (QRemote License).

Please get in touch with our sales team for purchasing a license:

Contact Us at



I have a client that is looking to integrate a custom application with QuickBooks Ent v14. My question is related to the actual integrate point and wanted to verify my thinking.
The custom application is using SQL Server 2008 Express.
The QuickBooks Enterprise database will be on the same server.
The custom application exclusively uses SQL Stored Procedures to read and write data.
All reads and writes to QuickBooks Ent would be through SQL Server Stored Procedures.
Would we only need to get the QODBC Server version of your product?


If your QuickBooks application & SQL Server application is on the same machine, then you need only one license "QODBC Server version".
If your QuickBooks application is on another machine & SQL is on other & you want to fetch data remotely then you need two licenses.
1) SQL Machine: QODBC Server edition license.
2) QuickBooks Machine: QODBC Desktop (QRemote License)



Would you be kind enough to give me any information that you have that would enable me to get the application to run an all of the machines in the network? I have the server edition and I have tried using the DCOM set up procedure without success. Can you indicate to me how to set up the DCOM.



I kindly suggest you refer below article for how to setup DCOM sever:
How to setup QODBC DCOM Server

I would like to suggest you to use QRemote instead of DCOM server. Please refer below mentioned articles for QRemote configuration.
Accessing QuickBooks Data Remotely using QODBC & QRemote

I guess you might be trying to configure QODBC -DCom so that other machines can connect to your server machine having QODBC + QuickBooks.
I would like to share that QODBC is not the client-server application. To access data from a remote machine, you need to use QRemote. Install QODBC on the client machine and using QRemote client connect to your server which runs QRemote Server.
QODBC Server edition license is required when you have any service-based application like SQL Server, WebServer, Windows Service connecting to QODBC and not when remote machine connecting to the machine.



I purchased the server edition with the expectation that it could be used in a multiuser environment. Currently, my client has 8 workstations that are linked to a server in the network. I wanted to find out if the DCOM feature could be used and you recommended to use QRemote. However, the literature that he recommends that I should use, suggested that QODBC should be loaded on each workstation. My query is can't the server edition work or does I have to purchase a driver for each workstation. Please explain.


The server version of QODBC is not a driver that you would install on a server and multiple workstations would have access to it. The server version of QODBC is for synchronizing SQL Server with QuickBooks data or for a web or intranet application, it is multi-threaded and can work with the service-based application. QODBC is a client-side driver that would normally reside on the workstations.



I am having issues connecting a Linked Server from my SQL Server to Quickbooks. I am getting the error "[QODBC] Unable to Open License File." I am using QODBC which available with QuickBooks Enterprise edition.


QODBC Read-only edition for QuickBooks Enterprise does not include QRemote License. So after 30 days, you cannot use QRemote, I would suggest you purchase a QODBC latest license to see if it can solve the issue.
If you want to use QODBC with SQL Server you need to use QRemote for this you have to purchase a QODBC Server Edition License.
In case you have QRemoteServer on Different Machine and SQL Server on the Different machine you may have to purchase QRemote License. If you have QRemoteServer and SQL Server on one machine QODBC Server License will be enough.



I have a developer who is doing most of the development work on his desktop computer. I have to test and verify his work on my personal desktop computer. I have a separate desktop machine where I actually run the software for my small business. Everything for the business is done on that 1 machine. It looks like I would actually need to purchase 2 licenses at 149 each since the license is per user, even though I need to run the software on 2 machines? Could you please confirm?


If you want to work with live data on both machines then you need to purchase 2 licenses. You can continue your work with 1 license If your developer works with sample business file. No QODBC License is required (if using desktop based/non-service based application) when using QuickBooks Sample company file. Your developer can work with sample file without licenses and You can test his work on your machine with licenses.



I am a developer and I recently purchased the QODBC server edition and I am a little confused about licensing. I am running the QRemote Server on my QuickBooks server and have also installed QODBC on the client machine that will be pulling data from QuickBooks for the integration app we are creating. Which of these two servers does QODBC need to be activated on? I assume I do not need two licenses for this?

Also, I have a development/test environment setup which mirrors the production configuration (QRemote running on a development QuickBooks server and QODBC client running on a development machine). Do I need a separate license for this? Typically most components allow you to install a production installation and a development/test installation under the same license, but I don't see a way to do this with the QODBC product? Is there any way you can provide me with a development license key?
I have a command line application running on the client that makes the calls to QODBC using the DSN for QRemote. The command line application connects fine when I invoke it manually from the command line, however, when I run the command line application as a scheduled task I get this error:
ERROR [S0000] [QODBC] QODBC Server Edition License Required


Machine A (running Scheduled Task): Requires QODBC Server Edition
Machine B (having QuickBooks & QRemoteServer): Requires QODBC Desktop (QRemote License)
When you execute any application from Windows Scheduler the application runs as Service. Even though you have a .Bat/command line utility as it's invoked by Service based application i.e. Windows scheduler, the actual owner is the service.
QODBC Server Edition license is required if you are using Service Based application or MS SQL, Web Server.



We need to import QuickBooks data into MS SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2012 (we have both versions), so we have some questions:
1. I am assuming that we need to purchase the QODBC Server Edition since our SQL Server is 64-bit. Can you please confirm?
2. If we purchase the server edition, I am assuming we can connect to QuickBooks using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) to import data into SQL Server. Is this correct?



When the machine using the services likes a web server, PHP MS SQL Server and connecting to QRemote/QODBC need a Server Edition license.
If you are connecting remotely, one which runs such services needs a Server Edition License.
Another one there is QRemoteServer running; it needs a QODBC License (could be Read-only or Read Write).
SQL Server machine: QODBC Server Edition
QuickBooks machine: QODBC Desktop Read Write Edition - for QRemote


Will my QODBC license for 2014 work with QuickBooks 2015?


QODBC License for 2014 works with QuickBooks versions 2002-2014. Our licensing is backward compatible but is not upward compatible (meaning this current version will not work with QuickBooks 2015, 2016..etc.)



What is the difference between Desktop Edition and Server Edition?


Desktop Editions Application is local to the machine,(such as MS Office, Crystal Reports, etc)
Read Only Desktop Edition (for extracting data out of QuickBooks for reporting purposes) Please note this version is included with QBES 14 but does not include QRemote.
Read/Write Desktop Edition (for extracting data out of QuickBooks and pushing data into QuickBooks for updating or creating new records)
Server Edition Service based applications(MS SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, Web Server, Windows Scheduler)

Read/Write  Edition (for extracting data out of QuickBooks and pushing data into QuickBooks for updating or creating new records, synchronizing data)



Where QODBC Server Edition is installed and where QRemote client is installed. ?


Machine A: QODBC License Server Edition: This machine is running Service based applications such as SQL Server, Windows Service base application, PHP, WebServer etc. This machine has QODBC, service-based application BUT does NOT have QuickBooks.

Machine B:  QRemote License or QODBC RO/RW License.  This machine has QRemoteServer, QODBC, and QuickBooks



 Hello, we have a 32-bit server running QuickBooks 13.0 with 20 users and an MS 2010 access database with 25 users trying to connect the 2 together. We purchased the read-only version as we don't need back and forth capabilities. Our users connect via terminal services to the Access database We have Qobdc configured and working on my own TS session, but each user uses MS Access, not QuickBooks, will we need the Server version for each user to be able to run queries against QuickBooks and in their own TS session?


Assuming You has QODBC and QuickBooks Installed on the Server and User login to Terminal Services session on the same server.

You will not need Server Edition License. A Read Only License will work. ( If they have QuickBooks Enterprise, they would not need RO License  too ).
You can install QODBC on the 32-bit       server which has QuickBooks.
The user can log in to the server using TS Session.
MS Access (32-bit) can be linked to QODBC/QuickBooks Data and can perform read operation.

Regarding using Auto Login feature,
  • QuickBooks will not allow multiple logins for the same user.
  • QuickBooks autostart does not work on Remote Desktop Enabled machine ( TS machine ) - yes need to keep QuickBooks running [ no need to login to company file ] or use "Force Start QuickBooks" option.
Assuming You have QODBC and QuickBooks Installed on the Server  A and User login to TS session on the server B
They need to use QRemote.
Server A: will have QODBC + QuickBooks - Running QRemoteServer ( Requires 1 RO License )
Server B: will have MS Access but not QuickBooks, connects to QRemoteServer of Server A, via QRemote DSN. ( Requires 1 QODBC Server Edition License. Terminal Services machine needs QODBC Server Edition License. )
Accessing QuickBooks Data Remotely using QODBC & QRemote. (Video)


Keywords: QRemote Configuration, QRemote License information, how does citrix work diagram 

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Comments (4)
Simon Lau
18 July 2017 03:24 PM
Having troubles with "Unable to Open License File".
Purchased QOBDC Desktop Driver Read Only. Am i missing something?

Quickbooks Desktop application is installed on my computer but the actual file is stored on a host only Server. Please advise.
25 July 2017 03:14 AM
Hi Simon,

I would suggest you to please reactivate CD key (i.e. DeActivate CD Key & Activate it again) & test again.

Please try to deactivate CD Key from:
Start>>All Programs>> QODBC Driver for use with QuickBooks >> Configure QODBC Data Source>>Go To "System DSN" Tab>> select QuickBooks Data>> click "configure">> switch to activate/deactivate>> click "deactivate"
Please refer below mentioned link for deactivate QODBC license:

Please try to activate CD Key from:
Start>>All Programs>> QODBC Driver for use with QuickBooks >> Configure QODBC Data Source>>Go To "System DSN" Tab>> select QuickBooks Data>> click "configure">> switch to activate/deactivate>> click "activate"

Please refer below mentioned link for activate QODBC license:

Please activate CD Key & after successful activation, please test reported issue & share outcome.

If you are still facing issue, I kindly request you to please raise a support ticket to the QODBC Technical Support department from below mentioned link & provide requested information:

We may need the following information, I kindly request you to attach below listed files when replying to the ticket.
1) Screenshot of QODBC Setup Screen -- > About
2) Screenshot of the issue you’re facing.
Share Entire Log Files as an attachment in text format from
3) QODBC Setup Screen -- > Messages -- > Review QODBC Messages
4) QODBC Setup Screen -- > Messages -- > Review SDK Messages
11 April 2018 05:45 PM
licensing - So, [please tell me if I am right... I am developing for a client for QB desktop - I use one of their old backup company files so I can view real data, including some custom setup that is important to them.

I am on a NDA to not release any data, of course, and the data is old.

BUT, because it is not a sample file, even though it is completely NON-production and only for DEV use, I still have to have buy a separate license just to work with it?

This needs to be made VERY clear to prospective buyers - price was the only real reason we went this direction. (Very tight budget)

Please respond.

Thanks very much
12 April 2018 07:20 AM
Hi Anthony,

For working with QuickBooks Non-Sample company file you need QODBC license.

If you have QuickBooks Enterprise, then you can connect to Non-Sample company file in read-only mode. For writing data in QuickBooks Enterprise, you need QODBC license.

You can get in touch with our sales team for licensing query:
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