[QODBC-POS] How to create Link Server with MS SQL 2005/2008/2012 64-bit Using QODBC POS/QRemote
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How to create a Link Server with MS SQL 2005/2008/2012 64-bit Using QODBC POS/QRemote

Start your "SQL Server Management Studio"

Login to your SQL Server.

On the left-hand side panel, you will find the Server, Right Click on the "SQL Server" and Select Properties.



Please Verify that your SQL Server is 64-bit.


64 and 32-bit words are kept separate in the Microsoft Windows Operating System. QuickBooks 2021 and older versions are 32-bit applications, so a 32-bit ODBC driver is required to communicate with it.

QRemote works as a bridge between 64-bit Applications and the 32-bit QODBC Driver by communicating data calls between the two worlds using TCP/IP protocol. QRemote allows 64-bit Web Servers and 64-bit applications to talk to QuickBooks live for the first time via the QODBC Driver.

Since a 64-bit application cannot talk to a 32-bit driver, we have to do a bit of magic to get the worlds to connect. We call it QRemote.

QRemote also works for 32-bit applications as an alternative to Dcom.  As SQL Server is a service-based application, it has to either use Dcom or QRemote.

QRemote has two components "QRemote Client Driver for QODBC" and "QRemote Server for QODBC." 

QRemote Client Driver: Allows 64-bit Applications to connect to QRemote Server and sends the Request to QRemote Server for Processing.  

QRemote Server: Processes requested instruction from QRemote Client to QuickBooks using QODBC DSN Driver. 


Start "QRemote Server for QODBC POS" from the start menu. ( If QRemoteServer is not running ) 




Double-click the QRemote Server icon from the system tray




QRemote Server Main screen shows the IP address and Port allowing the QRemote Client to connect.

Note the IP address and Port number listed on the QRemote Server "Event Logs window."

Create a new DSN entry/or configure the existing one

Navigate to Start Menu, QODBC Drivers for Use with QuickBooks POS, and click

Configure QODBC POS Data Source 64-bit




"QuickBooks POS Data 64-bit" is the default DSN created when installing QODBC.

For 32-bit SQL Server change, QRemote DSN to "QuickBooks POS Data QRemote" is the default DSN created when installing QODBC.


Configure the DSN and provide the IP address and Port as listed under "QRemote Server."





Under the QRemote for QuickBooks – Client  DSN configuration screen, Please fill in the following information. 

  • Data Source Name: Name of your DSN entry 
  • Server: IP address displayed on QRemote Server 
  • Port: Port displayed on QRemote Server 
  • Encryption Key: Keep default key "QODBC#QRemote$1" (In case you want to use encrypted data transfer between QRemote client and QRemoteServer, You can configure your encryption key on QRemoteServer and use the same on QRemote Client DSN) 
  • Remote DSN: select the QODBC POS DSN from the list. ( Make sure QRemote Server is running) 



Start Your QuickBooks POS.


Run MS SQL 2005 Dev / 2008 / 2012 (64-bit) and login in

    Run SQL Server Management Studio. You'd better choose SQL Server Authentication and input the right name and password. 



Under SQL Server Management Studio, Navigate to "Server Objects" -> Linked Server  -> New Linked Server.




Provide the "New Linked Server" information



On Clicking OK, it will start establishing a connection to QuickBooks. Please accept the certificate for allowing data access on QuickBooks.



After you have accepted the certificate, the Linked server will be shown under the "Linked Server" Category.



Configure MSDASQL (Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers)

   The OLE DB provider options for managing linked queries can be set in SQL Server Management Studio. In Object Explorer, right-click the provider name and select Properties for MSDASQL.


The dynamic parameter should be checked to allow parameter queries. Level zero only should be checked to enable four-part naming to work. Allow InProcess should be checked to help performance. Non-transacted updates should be checked if you want to be able to update QuickBooks data. Index as access path should be checked to help performance. Disallow adhoc accesses should be unchecked to allow OPENQUERY to function.



QODBC/QRemote is ready to use with SQL Server/Linked Server

Execute below query

Select * from qremote…customer



On each query, QRemote Server Logs the events. If you are facing any issues or delays in response, please refer QRemote Server Event Logs for details on which stage it's taking more time.



Another Test

Select * from qremote…employee

On each query, QRemote Server Logs the events. If you are facing any issues or delays in response, please refer QRemote Server Event Logs for details on which stage is taking more time.



Errors and Solutions 

"[QODBC-POS] QODBC-POS  Server Edition License Required."

The QODBC CDKEY License you have activated is not of the Server edition. Please get in touch with our Sales or Support team.


“[QODBC-POS] Evaluation Expired”

You have run out of the 30-day trial/evaluation version. If you still wish to evaluate QODBC, please get in touch with our Sales team.

"QRemote" or "QODBC" contains multiple tables that match the table "TableName."

This means you have not configured the "MSDASQL" provider. Please refer above steps and configure the "MSDASQL" provider.


"[QODBC-POS] Unable to Open License File"


Please use "QuickBooks POS Data 64-bit" DSN or use the change connection string DSN=QuickBooks POS Data 64-bit; OLE DB Services=-2;

Please accept the certificate for allowing data access on QuickBooks. Please click on "Test Connection." It will start establishing the connection to QuickBooks.

Now please click certificate." It should display a table list.

Now please test the connection on the linked server by right click on the linked server name. Please click on "Test Connection."

You will receive a Test Connection success message.


Also, refer to

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