[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting: Error:3000-The given object ID "" in the field "ListID" is invalid
Posted by Rajendra Dewani (QODBC Support) on 17 April 2014 02:27 PM

Troubleshooting: Error:3000-The given object ID "" in the field "ListID" is invalid

Problem Description:

When do an inventory adjustment in a company file whose multiple inventory sites feature is not enabled, there are no values in the field "InventorySiteRefListID".

So trying to insert an inventory adjustment using query like this:

INSERT INTO InventoryAdjustmentLine(AccountRefListID, InventorySiteRefListID, InventoryAdjustmentLineItemRefListID, InventoryAdjustmentLineQuantityAdjustmentQuantityDifference) VALUES ('80000003-1350417287', '', '80000296-1350423383', 10)

But QODBC reports error [ The given object ID "" in the field "ListID" is invalid ] :


If you are not working with a multiple inventory sites feature enabled company file, then there is no need to add field "InventorySiteRefListID".

So you could directly remove this field and run the query like this:

INSERT INTO InventoryAdjustmentLine (AccountRefListID, InventoryAdjustmentLineItemRefListID, InventoryAdjustmentLineQuantityAdjustmentQuantityDifference) VALUES ('80000003-1350417287', '80000296-1350423383', 10)

This error usually occurs when you try to insert records with a null value.

When there are many columns in table InventoryAdjustmentLine, but not all of them are necessary for inserting. For those columns, you don't want to assign data to, just remove them from your insert query. Please do not manually add it to the query and assign a null value to it.

When the record is inserted, QuickBooks will automatically set those columns null value.

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