[QODBC-Desktop] How to view details on what QODBC is performing / Display Driver Status / Display optimizer Status
Posted by Rajendra Dewani (QODBC Support) on 14 April 2014 04:06 PM

How to view details on what QODBC is performing

Problem Description:

How can I view details on what QODBC is performing in the background?


You can enable QODBC status panel via: Start >> All Programs >> QODBC Driver for use with QuickBooks >> Configure QODBC Data Source

Go To "System DSN" Tab, Select "QuickBooks Data" DSN & click "Configure".

Navigate to "Message" tab ->Select "Display Driver Status" and "Display optimizer Status" options.

Then the next time you run a query, if you see “Waiting for QuickBooks”, It means QuickBooks is taking time to process the request.

There will be a status panel at the lower right corner of your screen, will be shown a window with information on what QODBC is working at.

Please note the step on which QODBC spends most time or get stuck and share it with us.


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Mike Christensen
26 June 2017 12:49 PM
Is there any way to turn the Driver Status Panels dynamically? That is, to use something like a batch file, vbs, or similar to do this so a user does not have to. Or a way to enable the Panels as default?
26 June 2017 01:32 PM
Hi Mike,

No, There is no way to change it programmatically.

I would like to share that Messages Tab settings are stored in ODBCINST.INI file.

C:\ProgramData\QODBC Driver for QuickBooks\odbcinst.ini

To enable Driver Status Panels. You can add below line in ODBCINST.INI file.

DebugPanel = Yes
Mike Christensen
27 June 2017 03:49 PM
Thank you! By instructing my clients to use the default installation the QODBC uses I can now utilize code within my applications that checks this file and adds/change the DebugPanel to equal Yes. One less issue that I will have to contend with when creating applications I build that would otherwise require user actions and/or instructions.
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