[QODBC-Desktop] How to Get Updated Custom Field with MS-Access (Linked Table)
Posted by Rajendra Dewani (QODBC Support) on 25 November 2013 10:31 AM

How to Get Updated Custom Field with MS-Access (Linked Table)

In QuickBooks

      New Custom Fields are created within QuickBooks.

In MS Access

      Newly created Custom Fields are not visible.

       The solution to this issue is to re-create the linked table.

      Open MS Access Linked Table:

     Right Click on the On Your Linked Table(In This Example, We are Using Customer Table):

     Now Click on the Delete.

Now Link the Same Table (In this example, it's the Customer Table). After linking the table, you will get Updated Custom Field.

     Please refer to the below-mentioned link for How to Create Linked Table In MS Access:

How to Use QODBC with Microsoft Access 2007

How to Use QODBC with Microsoft Access 2010


Problem Description 1:

I am trying to use QODBC to read a vendor custom field named "Territory." From QODBC Test Tool, running "sp_columns vendor" produces a list of column data, but my custom fields don't appear.

I have already reset the server and connection between QODBC & QuickBooks. But still, I am unable to get Custom Field.

Problem Description 2:

We are looking for the data in QB Enter. 16 via QODBC (Linked Server) SQL server with no luck:
We can not find data in the CustomField table, although we have many created.


You can find CustomField in the table which you have assigned it.

For Example: If you have assigned CustomField in the Customer, Vendor, Employee table, you can find it from Customer, Vendor, Employee. If you have assigned CustomField in transaction entities like (Invoice, Bill), then you can find it from Invoice, InvoiceLine, Bill, BillItemLine, and BillExpenseLine tables.

Please Note: You need to Disconnect the connection between QODBC & QuickBooks and Reconnect to get Custom Field. Custom Field will display in QODBC after resetting the connection.

Usually, You can get Custom Fields using QODBC by resetting the connection between QODBC & QuickBooks. Custom Field will display in QODBC after disconnecting all the links and connecting again.

If you are still not getting Custom Field even after All the connections between QODBC & QuickBooks are disconnected, Restart the Machine. So you need to reset Custom Fields from QuickBooks UI.

You need to remove each custom field's name, uncheck where used, and then reapply the information and test again.

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