[QODBC-ALL] QODBC shows RegFile1 License error when using MS Excel 2013 or Access 2013 - Excel Crash / Access Crash
Posted by Rajendra Dewani (QODBC Support) on 08 May 2013 12:38 PM

QODBC Shows a RegFile1 License error when using MS Excel 2013 or Access 2013 

MS Excel 2013 or Access 2013 Shows This function requires activation of QODBC Read Write or Server Edition.

MS Excel 2013 or Access 2013 (Office 365) crashes when trying to connect to QuickBooks Data.

Note: For Automatic Fix/Patch, Click Here

Note: VB Demo is deprecated.

Please refer to How to use the QODBC Test Tool for testing


The Test Connection in the QODBC Setup Screen comes back saying it is connected, and the VB Demo returns results. Still, Excel crashes as soon as you select using the QuickBooks Data* Database option in the connection wizard.


I cannot get data connections to work with either Access or Excel 2013 32-bit.


Environment: MS Office 2013/365/2016, QuickBooks 2013, Windows 7 or Above. When connecting with VB, Demo can connect, but when using Excel or Access, QODBC shows the error "RegFile1 License error."


This issue only happens when using MS Office 2013 and not with MS Office 2010 or downwards.

MS Office is not allowing to write to the registry; thus, QODBC has this error.


Workaround :

One-time activity, Run Excel/Access and QuickBooks ( Both ) as Elevated (Run as Administrator), and connect once. After it's connected, you can run Excel/Access and QuickBooks in normal mode.

Video: QODBC shows RegFile1 License error when using MS Excel 2013 or Access 2013 (Video)

Detailed steps:


In This example, we will be using MS Access, but the same steps apply to MS Excel

Close all the applications

Make sure QBW32.exe, msaccess.exe, msexcel.exe, access.exe, excel.exe is NOT running.

Please verify using Task Manager ( Processes - View all user processes)

Right Click on QuickBooks and Click "Run As Administrator"

Login to your company file as Admin, Switch to Single User Mode


Right Click on MS Access and Click "Run As Administrator" ( In case "Run as Administrator" does not appear on Right click, please hold the Shift Key and then Right Click on the shortcut)

A default database filename, Database1, appears in the box. You can edit this to a more relevant name, such as QB Link. accdb. Save the file as type "Microsoft Office Access Databases."

Then Click "Create" to create a blank database: 

After  the new database is created, Navigate to "External Data":

Build a connection via External Data->More->ODBC Database, or directly click the ODBC database button at the External Data menu:

Under the Get External Data window, you will get two options:

Import the source data into a new table in the current database. This option will directly extract tables into Access Database, you can view and edit these tables, but all modifications will not be uploaded unless you build another query.

Link to the data source by creating a linked table: this option will create a table just like the first option but will keep its link to QuickBooks, which means all your operations to this table will be uploaded to QuickBooks, and the data in the table is also in full sync with QuickBooks.

This article will show you how to build the linked table in MS Access.

Build a Linked Table in MS Access

After you select the access method and click OK, then you will get a Select Data Source window:

Select the QuickBooks-related DSN you set up with the QODBC driver. This can be one of our pre-installed DSN names or one that you have created. (Here, I choose the default DSN as the example.)

The first time you use MS Access to access QuickBooks, it will ask you to grant permission for this application:

Select the "Yes, Always" option, and then click "Done" in the next window:

Once the connection is built, Access will return a list of available tables in the Select Tables window. Please, select the tables you want to extract data from. Multiple Selection is available.

If the Import/Linking works without any problems, you will see linked tables been created in the table list of MS Access:

If you want to view QuickBooks records in this linked table, double-click the linked server, then you will see the records:

Close MS Access

Close QuickBooks.

Please verify using Windows Task Manager  ( Processes - View all user processes)  that there is no Process of QuickBooks ( i.e., QBW32.exe ) and Access is running ( msaccess.exe, msexcel.exe, access.exe, excel.exe )

Start MS Access & QuickBooks - Normally

Perform a test

In case you are still facing issues, please raise a support ticket.


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Comments (9)
Vince mockensturm
26 August 2013 11:36 PM
I tried in excel first and the process did not work. SO....I followed instructions to the letter in access. Got it in access, then it worked in excel. not sure the sequence I used matters. Anyway.
Rajendra Dewani
21 September 2013 07:02 AM
Hi Vince,
Due to some security added to Office 2013, QuickBooks and Excel/Access 2013 needs to be started as "Run As Administrator".
This activity is only once.
26 September 2013 08:20 PM
I still experience the problem above - sometime it does connect but I need to use the driver frequently. It now says

Quickbooks can't start because its already running. Only Quickbook accountant can open more than one company file.

I guess this is coming from QODBC driver?
Rob Silva
05 November 2013 02:51 AM
Hi, I have tried this with Excel but can't get it to work. I don't have Access on the machine in question. If I Run QB (Accounts Premier 2013) and Excel 2013 both as Administrator and then attempt to add a new data connection via MS Query, I get a "Error 80040408 - could not start Quickbooks" message.
07 July 2014 01:42 PM
Hi Rob,

I would like to suggest you that above activity is one time only. If you run both QuickBooks & MS Excel/Access as a administrator and you are not getting "RegFile1 License error" then please run QuickBooks & MS Excel both as contexted user & try to connect.

Please refer:
Scott Marlin
10 April 2014 03:37 PM
I following the steps and after I grant Permission a window appears stating that the license will expire in 30 days. Then MS Access displays a mess ODBC--Call Failed [QODBCPOS] Evaluation License has Expired! Please contact your dealer for the latest version. Then nothing else!
07 July 2014 01:45 PM
Hi Scott,

I kindly request you to please refer below mentioned article & try again:

If you are still facing issue, I kindly request you to please raise a support ticket to the QODBC Technical Support department from below mentioned link & provide requested information:

1) Screenshot of QODBC Setup Screen -- > About
2) Screenshot of the issue you’re facing.
Share Entire Log Files as an attachment in text format from
3) QODBC Setup Screen -- > Messages -- > Review QODBC Messages
4) QODBC Setup Screen -- > Messages -- > Review SDK Messages
Tammy Lawson
17 March 2015 01:44 PM
I perform the steps and get it to work and then some time later (days) the error comes back. I don't know it until I am running my process to transfer data over to QB. I have to redo the "fix". Is there a longterm solution or any ideas why this keeps coming back?
18 March 2015 08:31 AM
Hi Tammy,

Due to some security added to Office 2013, QuickBooks and Excel/Access 2013 needs to be started as "Run As Administrator". This activity is only once.

If you update QuickBooks or QODBC, then you need to repeat this process.

I kindly request you to download QODBC version v15.0.0.307 from below link.

Download the QODBC Installer.
Close all the applications which use QODBC or QuickBooks
Close / Exit QRemoteServer
Uninstall your current QODBC.
Install QODBC v15.0.0.307.
Skip CDKEY step during installation
Restart Windows
Go to QODBC Setup Screen->”About” window to see if the version change is applied.

After successfully installation of new version QODBC & QRemote, please test the reported issue & share outcome.

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