[QODBC-Desktop] Version update over existing version didn't seem to work
Posted by brad waddell on 12 March 2009 05:21 PM

Troubleshooting: Version update over the existing version didn't seem to work

Problem Description 1

     I downloaded the latest version, 7, and installed it on an existing purchased version, 5. When I go into the QODBC setup screen, it still shows that I have version 5 installed. Is there something that I am doing wrong?

Solutions 1

     Just rename fqqb32.dll to fqqb32.old and re-run the QODBC v7.00.00.194 installer again.

Problem Description 2

     I renamed the file FQQb32.dll, as your image shows, and re-ran the installation. This took care of the version, and I had a whole new screen showing it as an evaluation version. I put in the information that came with the registration when we first purchased it and tried to validate it, but it came back and said it was incorrect. I copied and pas in the information, so I'm not sure what the issue is, (I didn't have a CD number with the original internet order, is that what's wrong??).

     I see on your website that "You can download and update your current version of QODBC at no charge until your version of QuickBooks is upgraded," so you can rectify what's happening. Do I need to call sales or forward my initial information for reprocessing?

Solutions 1

     Your QODBC v5 registration codes are not the valid format for entry into the QODBC v7 Registration Setup... I hope you have noticed you have skipped v6. You will need to purchase QODBC v7 to obtain a CDKEY. However, QODBC v7 will run in evaluation mode for 30 days and then revert to your v5 license status, provided there's an active (hidden) v5 registration on your computer.

     You can download and update your current version of QODBC at no charge until your version of QuickBooks is upgraded" information. What the LLC website is saying is that you can install a later version of QODBC than the one you purchased and continue to use the driver for the QuickBooks year you originally purchased the license. The QODBC Serial Number shows the QuickBooks year. For example, a serial number starting with W05U means read-write, QuickBooks 2005, and USA region. Often QODBC v5 users downloaded QODBC v6 for a bug fix.

     Both QODBC v6 and v7 now use CD Keys for activation so I would stay with v7. If you want to get rid of the 30-day evaluation, forward your computer to December, connect QODBC to a QuickBooks sample file, disconnect and restore your system date, and c, connect to your company file. The driver will continue to function in your QODBC v5 registration mode.

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