[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting: Could not Find Data in ItemSites Table QuickBooks
Posted by Wilson (QODBC Support) on 10 February 2012 06:57 AM

The item Sites table contains no data

Troubleshooting: Could not Find Data in ItemSites Table QuickBooks

Problem Description:

When referring to Intuit SDK OSR, a subject named Item Site can be found. It stores the quantities for each item by the site. But I could not find any data in this table in QuickBooks.


First, to use the Item Sites table, you must enable the multiple inventory sites to feature in QuickBooks. You can turn on this feature via the following steps:

1 Choose Edit > Preferences.

2 Choose Items & Inventory.

3 Click the Company Preferences tab.

4 Click the Advanced Inventory Settings button.

5 Select the Multiple Inventory Sites enabled checkbox.

And you could add inventory sites via the following steps:

1 Choose Lists > Inventory Site List.

2 Click the Site button at the bottom of the Site List and select New.

3 Enter the appropriate information.

Now you can view the newly added information in the InventorySites table using QODBC.

ATTENTION: if you use QuickBooks Premier Edition, all tables related to multiple inventory sites will NOT be available. Because this feature is not included in this Edition.

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