[QODBC-Desktop] This function requires activation of DESKTOP features
Posted by Juliet (QODBC Support) on 31 August 2010 06:10 AM

Troubleshooting: This function requires activation of DESKTOP features

Problem Description

     When I looked in the "About" tab on the QODBC "QuickBooks Data" ODBC source, it says "QODBC Desktop Read Write 2008," then underneath it says "Version". The main QODBC web page says "QODBC Driver Version 10.0 for QuickBooks 2010," so the two agree on the QODBC version (10) but not on the version of QuickBooks "Manufacturing & Wholesale 10.0,". And when running their VBDEMO32.EXE program, then create a connection to the open QuickBooks and run this query:
     SELECT * FROM EstimateLine
That successfully returns rows, so I know the connection's working, the QODBC's working, etc.
     I'm then trying to update those rows to change the due date to 2010. I'm using the following UPDATE statement, still in VBDEMO32:
UPDATE EstimateLine SET DueDate = {d '2010-03-25'} WHERE TemplateRefFullName = 'ACL Quote' AND CustomFieldEstimateLineOther1 > '0' AND DueDate = {d '2009-03-25'}
This is returning the "requires DESKTOP" message. So, I can still read from the database but not write to it.


      The version of QuickBooks licenses QODBC. It sounds like you are licensed for Read-Write up to QuickBooks 2008. You are running QuickBooks 2010, so you must purchase a new license for QODBC to read and write for 2010. That can be purchased at I think a rebate is still available for existing customers, but that runs out soon. So you have the correct version of QODBC, but you need a version 2010 license to update QuickBooks. You need to purchase the Read-Write version at:

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