[QODBC-Desktop] 32-bit Windows 7 with QODBC v10.0 Problem
Posted by Juliet (QODBC Support) on 25 June 2010 08:43 AM

Troubleshooting: 32-bit Windows 7 with QODBC v10.0 Problem

Problem Description

     When running 32-bit Windows 7 with QODBC v10.0, the error message get is as follows:

2010-05-19 09:58:56 QODBC Ver: *********************************************************************************************************************
IsAService: False
Begin Session Failed. S0000 00000 [QODBC] QB Begin Session Failed. Error = 80040408, Could not start QuickBooks.
Begin Session errors can be caused when running ASP or other system services and not setting the "Advanced" button option of either "Use DCOM Servers" or "Remote Connector"

      And this log file:

20100519.095856 I 5928 RequestProcessor ========= Started Connection =========
20100519.095856 I 5928 RequestProcessor Request Processor, QBXMLRP2 v6.0
20100519.095856 I 5928 RequestProcessor Connection opened by the app named 'FLEXquarters QODBC'
20100519.095856 E 5928 RequestProcessor ERROR: ClassFactory cannot supply the requested class
20100519.095856 E 5928 RequestProcessor Could not create an instance of QuickBooks. hr = 80040111
20100519.095856 I 5928 RequestProcessor Connection closed by the app named 'FLEXquarters QODBC'
20100519.095856 I 5928 RequestProcessor ========== Ended Connection ==========


     Check the UAC setting first:  (Type User Account Control Settings) in the Start->Search box. It should be the default. (3/4 on). Any lower and QODBC can't talk to QuickBooks.

     And before the first time you test the connection, you should open QuickBooks with the company file you want to use and login in as Administrator. Then one option could try is to remove all the integrated applications in QuickBooks via Edit Menu -> Preferences -> Integrated Applications -> Company Preferences -> Remove all the integrated applications and then try to connect to QuickBooks again via How to Connect to QuickBooks for the First Time to see that could help any.

     Besides, is there only one copy of QuickBooks on one machine? This is a "Normal" one-person computer (meaning you are not Remote desktop ping in or running Citrix) and is running on the console of the computer. Another option could try is to run the Reboot.bat in the QuickBooks Folder and see if that helps.

     Note: Multiple copies of QuickBooks usually cause this kind of issue. For example, one has both QB2006 and 2010, if he had kept the 2010 version with the 2006 version, my guess is the reboot.bat might have helped that version. The problem is both versions of QuickBooks install into two separate folders, but they also install into a shared folder (c:\program files\common files\intuit\QuickBooks). So he probably still has some 2010 parts in that folder. Possibly uninstalling the 2006 version, deleting the c:\program files\common files\intuit\QuickBooks folder and contents, then reinstalling QuickBooks should solve the problem. Not the simplest fix but hopefully will be successful.
     QODBC (Or the program calling it) cannot be run with the "Run As Administrator". That is equivalent to UAC off. The Intuit SDK that QODBC uses does not work with UAC off.


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