[QODBC-Desktop] Company file specified is not authorized for remote access
Posted by Juliet (QODBC Support) on 16 March 2010 07:05 AM

Troubleshooting: Company file specified is not authorized for remote access

Problem Description

     I have followed the instructions for the RDS setup but got the following error:

    First, how to Authorize remote access? and how to fix this problem.


    The Authorize remote access is done where the RDS Server and QuickBooks are. The final step of setting up the RDS server is connecting to the QuickBooks company file.

    If the open company file mode had been selected, QuickBooks must be running before RDS Server can be started. [Note: You must be logged into QuickBooks as Administrator before starting RDS on the first connection]. When the RDS server is being run for the first time with the QuickBooks company file, permissions must be granted by QuickBooks for this access as follows:

     If the location-specified company mode is selected, the error is usually the company path is specified incorrectly. The location of the company file in the QODBC setup screen should be the whole (local) path as it appears on the server itself, not as it appears on the remote computer. QODBC sends the path to the server, and the server uses that path to try and open QuickBooks. Also, QuickBooks has to be open with that company file in it the first time you access it from the Client.

See: Accessing QuickBooks data remotely via QODBC v9 and above using RDS for more.


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20 September 2012 04:17 PM
Thank you for your Thank you for your useful viodes! I wanted to ask you, I'm switching accountants now and also I want to save some of the fees that accountants charge by doing my own payroll and bookkeeping.I was wondering, my accountant for the first 6 months used probably accounts that I don't understand. Will it be a problem if I use different accounts for my bookkeeping for the rest of the year? With quickbooks the double entry is automatically done by the´╗┐ software? Where can I learn to do my Payroll?Thanks 0Was this answer helpful?
08 November 2013 02:40 PM
Key in my case was : turning on QUICKBOOK FILE 1st and login as ADMIN , then start RDS server. then I could establish connection via RDS.
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