[QODBC-Desktop] XERCES-COM.dll Error: ActiveX component can't create object
Posted by brad waddell on 12 March 2009 05:21 PM

Troubleshooting: XERCES-COM.dll Error - ActiveX component can't create an object

Problem Description

      If you run the TestDCOM.asp page supplied with QODBC, and get the following results:

      QODBC ASP DCOM Access Test Page QB2002QB2003QB2004DCOMCOMObject NameStatus • • • QBXMLRPEQODBCInteractive.exe Success • • • QBXMLRP.dll Success • • QBXMLRP2EQODBCInteractive.exe Success • • QBXMLRP2.dll Success • • • • XERCES-COM.dll Error: ActiveX component can't create an object

      Current Logged on User is: xxxxx
      Authenticated user is: xxxxx

      Showing Xerces-COM.dll fails with "Error: ActiveX component can't create an object."


      It could be because the asp page is looking for the following:
      Set oXERCES = CreateObject("Xerces.DOMDocument.2.x.x").

      You need to change TestDCOM.asp to:
      Set oXERCES = CreateObject("Xerces.DOMDocument.2.5.0")
      Set oXERCES = CreateObject("Xerces.DOMDocument.2.6.0")   <<< for QODBC v8
      Set oXERCES = CreateObject("Xerces.DOMDocument.2.8.0")   <<< for QODBC v9

Depending on which version of Xerces-COM.dll you have on your computer. It will then create the Xerces object correctly.

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