[QODBC-Desktop] The difference between the Server/Terminal Edition and the Desktop Edition of QODBC driver
Posted by brad waddell on 12 March 2009 05:21 PM


     Our Server/Terminal Edition of QODBC will allow you to use any web tool you wish to use (IIS, ASP, Cold Fusion, PHP, and others) or Windows Service to access data live from QuickBooks without conversion in real-time.

Difference Description

     The Server/Terminal Edition is a separate product from the normal desktop editions of QODBC. The reason for this is two-fold:

Licensing Related

     Firstly, as a licensing issue, we must allow for use by potentially hundreds of logins to the machine remotely using the web or Remote Desktop Services / Citrix.

System Service Related

     Secondly, not all editions of QuickBooks run as a system service (background task) which is what IIS Web Server Software runs as, so we have developed special software to allow us to communicate with QuickBooks running on the desktop.

Different Editions for Use

Server/Terminal Edition Evaluation

     Once you install QODBC, it's a full-running Server/Terminal Edition evaluation for the first 30 days. It allows you to build, develop and test any application you wish, with the only restriction being 20 writes per session. The driver is loaded into memory. This information is shown on the "Installation Completed" install screen:

Choose Server or Desktop Mode

Desktop Edition Mode

     Although the once-off 30-day evaluation is the full Server Edition, you can run the evaluation in Server or Desktop mode by selecting "Use DCOM Servers" or not within the QODBC Setup Screen. If the Use DCOM Servers is unchecked, as shown below, the evaluation will only run in a Read/Write Desktop Edition mode.

Server/Terminal Edition Mode

     The "Use DCOM Servers" is required for any Windows Service connections and requires a Server Edition of QODBC and QuickBooks to run on the Server Console. They are more secure and require no extra overhead but are more rigid in how it is set up, and it cannot be easy to configure the security of the DCOM servers. Check the checkbox for Use DCOM Servers to run the 30-day evaluation in Server Edition mode.

Working with Sample Company File

     Once the 30-day evaluation period expires, you will need to purchase a QODBC license in order to continue using the product, or you may request an additional 30-day evaluation registration code by paying for a Support Incident (charges apply). If you're working with the QuickBooks sample company file, this option is available to check even if you do not have a Server Edition license. It will be ignored if you open a standard company file and do not have a QODBC Server Edition or evaluation.

     Please be sure to state clearly which country version of QuickBooks you are using, i.e., USA, Canada, UK, or Australia.

     This download link will always link to the latest tested version of QODBC... to update QODBC, click on the download button, save the download file to disk and install over the top of your current QODBC installation (do not uninstall QODBC unless directed to do so by a support member) :

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