[QODBC-Desktop] Can SELECT but get errors when trying to INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE records
Posted by brad waddell on 12 March 2009 05:21 PM

Troubleshooting: Can SELECT but get errors when INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE records

Problem Description

      Can successfully run the SELECT query to get records but get errors when trying to edit, create, or delete records.


Check Rights

      First, ensure your user rights are set up and not restricted to read-only in QuickBooks or your network software.

Restriction for DELETE

      You can delete records from QuickBooks, but you must be in a single-user mode using the QuickBooks company file. Also, QuickBooks must allow you to delete records - see our Schema document for details on each file to see if it is possible to delete records from it.

      In addition, specific tables have child records that must be saved simultaneously as the parent or header record.

      The child tables are listed below following the name of the parent table:

      Bill: BillExpenseLine, BillItemLine, BillLinkedTxn
      Invoice: InvoiceLine, InvoiceLinkedTxn
      Check: CheckExpenseLine, CheckItemLine
      CreditCardCharge: CreditCardChargeExpenseLine, CreditCardChargeItemLine
      CreditCardCredit: CreditCardCreditExpenseLine, CreditCardCreditItemLine
      CreditMemo: CreditMemoLinkedTxn, CreditMemoLine
      Host: HostSupportedVersions
      Estimate: EstimateLine
      ItemGroup: ItemGroupLine
      ItemSalesTaxGroup: ItemSalesTaxGroupLine
      JournalEntry: JournalEntryDebitLine, JournalEntryCreditLine
      PurchaseOrder: PurchaseOrderLine
      ReceivePayment: ReceivePaymentLine
      SalesReceipt: SalesReceiptLine
      VendorCredit: VendorCreditExpenseLine, VendorCreditItemLine, VendorCreditPaymentLin

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Comments (3)
Carlos P
15 March 2013 06:26 PM
I am logging in with Admin rights and still can't update records in QB.
Any ideas?
Randy Oleksiw
29 April 2013 06:35 PM
I can't create the InvoiceLinkedTxn record when I create an Invoice. How is the InvoiceLinkedTxn record created.
C Cohen
22 October 2015 08:00 PM
I did not get errors, but my data seemed as if it was never updating. The reason being the optimizer was on and the last option selected for speed purposes, but I was not getting any of the updates I had run. I switched to the first position in the settings and now I can see my changes.
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