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[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - There was an error saving an Employee List
Posted by Ricky - QODBC Support on 23 January 2020 02:09 PM

Troubleshooting - There was an error saving an Employees List. The address is invalid

Problem Description:

We have searched the wiki, internet and tried endlessly to 'Insert an Employee'.

Below is our latest effort all to no avail-

Insert into Employee (FirstName, LastName, EmployeeAddressAddr1, EmployeeAddressAddr2,EmployeeAddressState,EmployeeAddressPostalCode) Values ('Jake','Wrestl','123 Main','456 stand','FL','12345')

I do not know what is wrong.

Can you shed some light on the error below and 'More Simply' provide a Sample to 'Insert an Employee'?



The solution is to include the field 'EmployeeAddressCity' in your SQL statement.

For Example:

Insert into Employee (FirstName, LastName, EmployeeAddressAddr1, EmployeeAddressAddr2,EmployeeAddressState,EmployeeAddressCity,EmployeeAddressPostalCode) Values ('Jake','Wrestl','123 Main','456 stand','FL','Coral','12345')

You will be able to view newly added Employee record in QuickBooks application.


Go to QuickBooks, and you will see the Employee has been added.


In the "Address & Contact" tab, you will see the city information added in QuickBooks.


"EmployeeAddressCity" field is not mandatory to use when Inserting an Employee record, but there are specific fields that are conditionally required.

For Example:

If you specify FirstName, the Last name is optional. Either FirstName or LastName is required.



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