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[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - How to run ProfitAndLossBudgetOverview by Class report
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 24 April 2017 11:40 AM

Troubleshooting - How to run ProfitAndLossBudgetOverview by Class report

Typical Profit & Loss Budget Overview By Class Report (for the current Fiscal Year to Date) in QuickBooks

Note: The QuickBooks Sample files set the QuickBooks date to December 15, 2021, hence the current Fiscal Year shown above is January 1 through December 15, 2021.

Report Displayed in QODBC

Open Microsoft Query in Excel

Note: Make sure you have installed Microsoft Query Add-on first. To know how to install Microsoft Query, please refer to Microsoft Office with MS Query and QODBC

Please start Microsoft Excel & Create a blank workbook.

Please select the "Data" tab and click "From Other Sources->From Microsoft Query".

Create a New Microsoft Query in Excel

Select the specified DSN you want to use to connect to QuickBooks file. (Here I choose the default data source with a sample company file opened.)


Note: Uncheck option "Use Query Wizard to Created/edit Queries" since we do not need to import any QuickBooks tables here.


Close the "Add Tables" window by clicking the "Close" button.

Press "SQL" button to input your own sp_report query as below, here we take a ProfitAndLossBudgetOverview report as an example:

sp_report ProfitAndLossBudgetOverview show Amount_Title, Text, Label, Amount parameters FiscalYear = 2021, BudgetCriterion = 'AccountsAndClasses', SummarizeBudgetColumnsBy = 'Class', SummarizeBudgetRowsBy = 'Account'

Press OK button to get results in Microsoft Query:

Return Records to Excel Spreadsheet

To return records to Excel Spreadsheet, select Menu File -> Return Data to Microsoft Office Excel.

Choose option how you want to import data into your workbook & click "OK".

Data exported in the workbook.

Note: Creating a budget by class or other criteria for Balance Sheet is not supported through QuickBooks. SO it is not available through QODBC reports (i.e. BalanceSheetBudgetOverview & BalanceSheetBudgetVsActual).

Refer: Can you create a budget for balance sheet items by class?

How to identify exported report data relation.

Please refer below screenshot for exported report data relation.

Also Refer

How to use the QuickBooks Reporting Engine with QODBC Online

QODBC Report Parameter & Schema details.


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