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[QXL-ALL] How to use QXL with Scheduler
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 14 April 2017 09:38 AM

How to use QXL with Scheduler

Problem Description:

I want to export QuickBooks Data using QXL.

I want to schedule QXL for exporting QuickBooks Data. So it will automatically ship QuickBooks Data at the scheduled time.

But I don't know how I can use QXL with Scheduler.


You can configure the QXL export option by creating the shortcut using QXL & can use the shortcut in the scheduler.

The first step in configuring the application is to click on the settings icon for QXL options details.

In the General tab, You will find two buttons to create the export shortcut on your desktop.


1. QXL - Silent Mode, which will export data in silent mode (does not display QXL Window).

For Example QXL.exe Silent


2. QXL - Direct Export Mode will export data in direct mode (display QXL Window).

For Example QXL.exe Run


By clicking on the "Create a shortcut on desktop" button, you will get the below popup message & click "OK." It will create the shortcut on the desktop.

The shortcut is created on the desktop.

You can use the above shortcut in your scheduled application to export QuickBooks Data using QXL.

Use Scheduler:

Note: QXL and QODBC are able to access data from QuickBooks using the QuickBooks SDK, which is an embedded feature of the QuickBooks Desktop Application
QuickBooks SDK requires an active desktop session ( someone to be logged in ) to the machine because QuickBooks is a desktop-based application.
The QuickBooks application is a desktop-based application, and it is not designed to run under the service account or run as a service.


You can use any desktop-based scheduler (for example, "Z-Cron"). QuickBooks and QuickBooks SDK are desktop based and not designed to run as a service. QODBC & QXL is also a desktop-based application. Thus you will need an active desktop session(someone logged into the machine). You may not be able to use the service-based scheduler like "Task Scheduler." In this example, we are using Z-Cron, but you can use any other desktop-based scheduler.

You can download Z-Cron from below mentioned link:

Download Z-Cron

After downloading Z-Cron, please install it on your machine.

After Installation, please start Z-Cron and add a task by Clicking the "Task" button.

Enter Task Title in the Label box & enable the "Activate Task" option to activate the scheduled task and choose Program by clicking the ".." button.

Select the QXL shortcut from the desktop we created from the above steps & click "OPEN."

If you want to run QXL in the background, then insert the parameter "Silent."

If you want to run QXL in the foreground, insert the parameter "Run."

Now navigate to the "Scheduler" tab to schedule export. In this example, I prepare export twice daily (i.e., 8:00 AM & 5:00 PM).

Click on the "Every day" button to select all weekdays & click on "Scheduler" to configure schedule timing.

Select a time & click on "Save."

Now save the scheduled job by clicking the "Save" button.

The scheduled job is saved.

The scheduled task is ready for execution. It will be run on schedule time.


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