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[QODBC-Desktop] How to Use QODBC with NetBeans
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 19 December 2016 01:09 PM

Note: The JDBC-ODBC bridge driver was removed in Java 8, preventing ODBC drivers from being usable in newer versions of Java or other Java-based applications.

Refer: Oracle JDBC-ODBC Bridge

How to Use QODBC with NetBeans

QODBC enable access to a wide variety of important data sources in business intelligence tools such as NetBeans. In this article, We will show how to connect to QuickBooks data, import data with a query.

The steps below show how to access data from the QODBC for QuickBooks in NetBeans.

Open NetBeans IDE.


Now, create a new project using the menu File >> New Project.


Select Java Application & click "Next".


Enter Project Name & click "Finish".


A new Project will be created by clicking "Finish". Click "Services" button to open the Service window.


You should see Service window opened.


In the Service window, Click the Database node >> Drivers >> right-click on "JDBC-ODBC Bridge" and click "Connect Using.."


In the New Connection Wizard, enter the following connection properties & click "Test Connection":

  • Driver Name: JDBC-ODBC Bridge.
  • JDBC URL: jdbc:odbc:QuickBooks Data



Please Note: If you have a 64-bit application, then you need to use QRemote 64-bit DSN "QuickBooks Data 64-bit QRemote".
Please refer: How to configure QRemote

Test Connection success. Click on "Finish" for finish configuration.


Connection added. It is showing the list of available tables.


Right-click on "Tables" & click "Execute Command..." for writing SQL query.


Enter the query in the Editor & click on "Run SQL" icon.
In this example, I am fetching the Customer table records.
Select * from Customer


Query result available with a list of the Customers.


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