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[QODBC-Desktop] Troubleshooting - Application Connectivity Delay
Posted by Jack - QODBC Support on 10 July 2015 08:47 AM

Troubleshooting - Application Connectivity Delay

Problem Description:

I have an inventory control system (c#, SQL Server) that needs Read Only access to four tables in the accounting system. I have deployed your multiuser version and can get to the local QB instance from your VB app, Excel, and my app.

1. When I run your VB app in the production RDP session, the ODBC behavior is as expected.

2. I created a WPF/c# app to duplicate your VB and ran it in the production RDP session. The ODBC its behavior is expected.

3. When I run my app in my development environment, the ODBC behavior is as expected.

4. When I run my app in production RDP session, opening the ODBC connection takes > 6 minutes. But it opens.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.


Please reset your Optimizer file, check connection time, log the connection time in your application. Please refer:

How to Remove Optimizer file

Please try below .net application for troubleshooting time delay in connection open and querying:

Sample code for Troubleshooting Connection Time Issue

If above does not resolve the issue, please change the application, as it could be eating more resource in the environment.

Also please try to move the process of reading the QuickBooks tables to a background task. It will solve the problem. I suspect that your app is consuming most of the thread pool. Creating an explicit task provided the process with sufficient resources will resolve the issue.  

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