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[QODBC-Desktop] How does the 30 day evaluation work and How to evaluate the Desktop Edition
Posted by brad waddell on 12 March 2009 05:21 PM

Instructions for Evaluation

     Once you install QODBC it's a full running Server Edition evaluation for the first 30-days allowing you to build, develop and test any type of application you wish with the only restriction being 20 writes per session the driver is loaded into memory. This information is shown on the "Installation Completed" install screen:

How to Run the Evaluation

     Although the once off 30-day evaluation is the full Server Edition, you can choose to run the evaluation in Server or Desktop mode by selecting to Use DCOM Servers or not within the QODBC Setup Screen.

Use DCOM Servers Unchecked

     If the Use DCOM Servers is unchecked as shown below, the evaluation will only run as a Read/Write Desktop Edition mode.

Use DCOM Servers Checked

     The Use DCOM Servers is required for any Windows Service connections and requires a Server Edition of QODBC and QuickBooks to be running on the Server Console. They are more secure and require no extra overhead but are more rigid on how it is setup and it can be difficult to configure the security of the DCOM servers. Check the checkbox for Use DCOM Servers to run the 30-day evaluation in Server Edition mode.

Special Instruction with Sample Company File

     If you're working with the QuickBooks sample company file, this option is available to check even if you do not have a Server Edition license and will be ignored if you open a standard company file and do not have a QODBC Server Edition or evaluation.

Evaluation Expired

     Once the 30 day evaluation period expires you will need to purchase a QODBC license to continue using the product or you may request an additional 30-day evaluation registration code. Please be sure to state clearly which country version of QuickBooks you are using, i.e. USA, Canada, UK, or Australia.

     This download link will always link to the latest tested version of QODBC. To update QODBC, click on the download button, save the download file to disk and install over the top of your current QODBC installation (do not uninstall QODBC unless directed to do so by a support member):

See: How to install QODBC in Windows XP/Vista for more.


Questions and Answers


     If the evaluation period is over but I am using the sample company file, will the DCOM server mode still function?


     The QODBC DCOM Servers work with any QuickBooks Sample company file, but you still need to have either a full license or be running in a 30-day evaluation mode. If your 30-day evaluation has expired, you can continue evaluating QODBC by using a sample company file or by installing QODBC on another computer. If you need to access your company file on your expired computer you may also purchase a Support Incident where you can request a Limited 30-day full product CDKEY.


     How can I tell if the activation worked or not? It says "Activated" but the interface still looks the same. If my 30 day evaluation period has expired and then I attempt to activate, will activation work or do I need to start on another machine? What are some tests that I can run that will indicate if the QODBC is activated?


     Look at the About in the QODBC Setup screen, it displays the current license status. Even with an expired QODBC evaluation, you can still query any QuickBooks Sample Company file.

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Comments (3)
Scott Karmin
04 May 2013 05:25 AM
Just tried to install 30 day evaluation copy on Win 7 desktop. It immediately reports that evaluation has expired. Why?
Peter Allen
27 January 2016 08:54 PM
I just tried to install the 30 day evaluation copy on WIN 7 desktop. It immediately reports that the evaluation has expired. How do I fix this.
28 January 2016 06:52 AM
Hi Scott, Peter,

QODBC will show evaluation expired only when you have already used QODBC evaluation. I think there might be QODBC installed on that machine earlier & used evaluation period. You can’t use QODBC evaluation twise.
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